Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The best part of my commute

A while back, I posted my commute to work.  Here's the elevation profile.  If you read it left to right, it is the trip to work.  That big dip there is where I cross the river. 

I'm sure this is nothing compared to people who live in the more mountainous areas of the United States.  I'm not even sure I think this is bad.  I've ridden bigger and steeper hills in southeastern Ohio. 

The real reason I point this out is because of the best three minutes of the entire trip.  Do you see that mostly flat part between four and six miles?  By some weird chance, there is never a car on the road with me on my trip home.  It's almost as if that is the reward for humping up the hill.  It's also a little break before the road narrows to one lane in each direction.  I have three minutes of absolute peace.  It's a bizarre coincidence that happens because of my speed and the timing of traffic lights. 

The trip home can be tough.  This little bit of peace and quiet is a wonderful treat.

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Random Thoughts said...

Where did you make that elevation chart? I like it. I have been using a runners program to calculate my routes.
It's nice because it calculates miles and elevation as well as calories burned for running (so I always burn less than they say (biking a moderate pace)

Here is one of my hillier adventures.

Rick Logue said...

I use I have bounced around a few different sites, and this is the one I like the best.