Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Commute to Work

I did my first commute to work of 2008. Here is the route according to bikely:

It's a decent route, but not for the timid. There is about 3 miles where I have to share the road with heavy traffic that includes riding past the UPS distribution point (complete with UPS trucks, UPS trucks with trailers and full-sized semi-trailers). Other than that, this route is great. The best part is when I ride over two highways. Usually, I see the traffic backed up on 270. I think about when I am stuck in traffic and how much it sucks. I smile and ride away.

The other great part of this ride is that it is mostly downhill on my way to school. It's about six miles of slight downhill followed by a mile of a steep uphill, then three flat miles. Of course, there is always the trip home which is the exact opposite. That probably explains the 40 minute trip to school and the 55 minute trip home. Or maybe it is that I am tired at the end of the day. Either way, it is a decent route.

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Jamie said...

That looks like a nice ride! If your experience is anything like mine, most cars are so nervous around you that they go out of their way to get around you.

If not, I recommend getting the brightest fluorescent green/yellow jacket you can find... something about that color makes cars take careful notice of you as you make your way down the road!

Rick Logue said...

Thanks. While I may have come off a little testy about the UPS trucks, they have always given me more than enough space on the road.

The railroad and 270 overpass can be hairy because there is almost no shoulder. In the past couple of years, I have only had one minor incident.

In the last week, I have made an effort to find where police officers find their fluorescent green reflective vests. I was planning on doing a write up of that at some point.