Monday, February 18, 2008

Review of Hot Shot Aqua Gloves

I was looking for fishing gear at Dick's a while back when I came across these gloves. It was a few days after deer gun season ended in Ohio, so these were in the clearance bin. I thought these would make perfect cool weather cycling gloves.

The tag said they were waterproof and windproof. They were the obnoxious blaze orange that help prevent hunters from shooting each other. The finger tips have a trigger grip that would be useful for picking up small things while wearing the gloves. They sounded perfect.

I have been wearing these for a while now. They have been great for being seen. In fact, if I have to deal with one more, "Them bright enough for you?" comment, someone might get hurt.
These gloves are also very warm. I have worn these with no other gloves on 25-30 degree rides with no complaints.

The palms are covered with some sort of fake leather. While it was not exactly bike glove padding, it did help with the "grippiness" on the handlebars.

I like these gloves, but they really need some work before I would recommend them to anyone.

First, they are neither waterproof nor windproof. I think they would easily fall into the the water resistant category. I do not want water resistant when I am riding in below freezing temperatures. The windproof claim is also false. In between each of the fingers is a nylon/spandex type material. The orange part and the fake leather parts are completely windproof. Imagine yourself on the drops of a bike. Those areas between your fingers are taking the brunt of the wind. Now imagine it is 30 degrees and your fingers are damp. That could lead to an uncomfortable situation real fast.

This picture shows my big issue with these gloves. After a few weeks of normal use, the cuffs began to separate from the rest of the glove. I will sew the back together before too long, but this is not an acceptable defect in the gloves. I might have overlooked the waterproof/windproof claim, but I should not be sewing them back together after less than a single season of use.

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1 comment:

Grant said...

Unfortunately I have these same gloves and the same experience. I love the color scheme and concept, but they don't keep the wind out and are inappropriate for cold weather, which makes you wonder what weather they are appropriate for!