Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Thoughts

The weather has been pretty terrible.  There have been a few issues on the home front.  I haven't been on the bike much.  Today's episode brings us to some random thoughts.

One of the big things going around the bike world is a petition asking google maps to put a "bike there" button on their maps.  While it is a nice idea, I am not sure I like it too much.  A few years ago I was on a local bike path. A roller blader decided to turn directly in front of me.  After the road rash and the separated shoulder healed, I decided to never go on a MUP (multi-use path) again.  (I also disagree with the idea of segregation for bicycles, but we can save that for a later time.)  If google maps includes MUPs, then it will be worthless for me.  If MUPs are not included, beginning cyclists will not use it because of the belief that roads are dangerous.

Speaking of bike paths, here is another article I came across.  I love how the studio is worried about scripts being thrown over the fence.  By that logic, they probably should get rid of the postal service too.

I found an article about interesting bike racks today.  I really like these. 

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