Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Interesting commute

Today was fun.  It was definitely weird, but fun.  

Part one - I was yelled at and told to get of the road.  That's not strange in itself, but today it was from a guy on a bike.  Really, he wasn't on a bike. He was walking it as far to the left on the shoulder as possible.  In fact, he was stuck at the highway on-ramp waiting for cars to let him cross.  Maybe he was just worried about my safety.  

Part two - At one part of my commute, I have to move from the far right lane into the left turn lane.  This is often tricky in heavy traffic.  Most cars are switching into the left lane so they can pass me.  Today, a dump truck slowed while in the left lane, let me cut in front of him and into the turn lane.  Wow... a little bit of kindness really made my day.

Part three - The weather.  Today was chilly and sticky.  Really.  The weather was in the mid 50s with 85% humidity.  I don't know it it is typical in any other area, but it is weird in Ohio.

Part four - There was a nice tailwind on the final overpass of my commute.  I hit that thing hard and fast.  The downhill is even better.  There must have been a little rain earlier because the road was wet.  Skinny tires, slick roads, high speeds and recently adjusted brakes led to a nice skid.  The old motorcycle training came in handy because my back tire was whipping around, but somehow I stayed upright.  


It's been a while, so we go...

Money not spent on gas: $184
CO2 not released into the atmosphere: 910 pounds

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