Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike to Work Week -- part four

Earlier this week, Columbus's mayor Mike Coleman introduced the city's bike plan. I haven't commented yet because I wanted to read all 287 pages. Now that I have read it, I think this is a great project that I am excited to see put into action.

Here are the current bicycling accommodations on my end of Columbus:

If you are trying to figure out where I live, I live just north of Galloway Road.

The streets marked in yellow are the ones that have a wide, paved shoulder. That's it. I'm not sure what is considered a wide shoulder. On Galloway road the shoulder goes from three feet to six inches back to three feet, then back to six inches several times.

This does not mean this area is a dangerous place to be. I feel like I can hold my own on almost any road in the area. There are couple of hairy spots, but they are portions, not an entire trip.

Now I am as selfish as anyone. While I think the plan is a good one, what I really want to know is how will it affect me?

The map below is the proposed improvements. The green dotted lines are proposed paths. The blue dotted lines are where bike lanes are to be added to the road.

I have been joking with people that this plan should be renamed "Rick's personal bike routes." Every road I ride is being improved in some way. Trabue Road, the main road on my commute is getting a path. West Broad, which I use for almost all shopping, is getting bike lanes. The death trap called Hilliard-Rome Road is even getting some bike lanes.

While I joke that this is great for me, it is really great for the west side. These paths are being placed right in the main arteries of this side of town.

Please Columbus, make this happen.

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RookieRider said...

Just this week I actually started seriously considering commuting to work by bike both because of 'Bike to Work Week' and the price of gas. I've had a route mapped out for a while now and I'm going to drive it this weekend, then ride it. I really hope the Mayor's plan goes into action soon and I'm ready to help if I can.

The other day I noticed they recently painted bike lanes on the section of Norton road from Hall north to Broad Street. AWESOME!!

Rick Logue said...

Norton was the first bike lane I have ridden in since I started cycling. No joke. It just seems they are never in places where I am going.

If you saw that, you are in my part of Columbus. If you want to ride sometime, shoot me an email.

Random Thoughts said...

I love reading your blog... I found it because Crazy Guy on a Bike has been down for several days now. Well anyhow, my small town in MA is fighting the conversion of a pan old rail road bed into a bike trail this would only be 3.8 miles, but would run parallel to the busiest road in town. The residents that live on the trail are all up in arms. Columbus has a great plan, good luck.