Saturday, April 26, 2008

Road ID Review

About a week ago, my wife called me and asked that I pick up some milk on my way home.  When arrived home without the milk, she went through the roof.  Not because of the milk, but because of my reason.  I had left my wallet at home.  

She "strongly suggested" that I find some sort of ID to wear while I am on the bike.  (If you are married, you already know that there is very little difference between something being strongly suggested and being forced to do something.)  I have seen the link to Road ID on several sites, so I decided to check it out.

I looked around and ended up ordering one.  It showed up in the mail today.  I have to say that it is everything it claims to be.  I ordered the Fixx ID, which is the dog tag version. 

The nice thing about this is you can order a picture on the opposite side of the ID.  I looked at all of the biking ones, and they were all racers.  I'm not a racer, so I was not interested in that.  I would have loved to see a touring cyclist loaded with panniers humping it up a hill.  

Instead, I picked this graphic, titled "Location Earth."  I guess this is supposed to help me find my way back home if I am ever abducted by little green men.  

I'll be honest, I am a little worried about wearing this around my neck.  If an alien knows that we have kicked Pluto out of the list of planets and misreads this, I may end up on a different planet.  

One of the nice things about Road ID is that they offer coupons to whoever orders from them.  Here's my Road ID coupon:


It's only good for 20 uses until 5/23/08.  I cannot promise that it will work for you.

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JC Sell said...

Thanks. The coupon worked, thanks for the buck!