Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's not me, it's you

According to a AAA report, George Carlin (and my grandfather) were right.  No one knows how to drive except me.   Again, I am getting information from the Columbus Dispatch.  If you doubt that this is real, take a look at the comments in the "Hot Issue" area.  Look at all of the people who claim, "I can talk on my cell phone while driving without a problem.  It's everyone who is the problem."

Or, if you do not feel like clicking, look at the chart to the left.  (Sorry about the quality.)   75% of people feel they are more careful than anyone else on the road.  I had pictures of Lake Wobegon in my head when I read that.  

I am happy to see my personal pet peeve addressed.  Fifty percent of people admit to speeding up to beat a red light.  At the same time, 70% admit it is dangerous.  At a minimum, 20% of people are saying, "screw being safe.  I have to be first."

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