Friday, July 25, 2008

Weird Concidence (Not cycling at all)

I turned on ESPN this morning and watched the brawl at the Dayton Dragons game. There's no sound, but watch after the manager gets ejected. You will see the pitcher fire a fastball into the crowd. (He was aiming for the dugout, but missed.) The spectator was sent to the hospital and the pitcher is now in jail.

Then, I open the Columbus Dispatch and read a letter to the editor. (All emphasis is mine.)

Some of my happiest moments were during the World War II years, going to the Sunday double-headers at Red Bird Stadium. Once a year, we were allowed on that beautiful diamond to play an opponent on "Upper Arlington Night." What a great time!

Now I read about a brawl in the stands at a soccer game in Columbus. That's what you get when you import a Third World sport. Go out to the ballpark. You're safe there.

Boulder City, Nev.

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1 comment:

Jamie said...

You'd think this guy had never been to a pro sporting event before... he's certainly never been a visiting fan at Ohio Stadium when the Buckeyes are playing. The media loves to pick on soccer, but ignores riots involving domestic sports. Absolutely ridiculous.