Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Today was Lindsay's fifth birthday. She moved up from the trailer to the Trail-A-Bike. I surprised her by telling her that we were going to the grocery store. You can see her spontaneous reaction to the bike below. This got a better reaction than all of the Tinkerbell and Ariel toys.

Here is a picture of us getting ready to go.

And we're off!

And this is my favorite picture of the afternoon. Why? Neither of us knew that picture was being taken. Take a look at Lindsay. That is one huge smile. She is already talking about going out for milkshakes on the rig.

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Palm Beach Bike Tours said...

That is too cool! Obviously you are both very excited. The last time I saw that much pure excitement was when my three-year-old got his first real bike.

Shortly thereafer, we had the agony of deknee. I told him not to try to jump that ramp on his first time out.

I love your Two Mile Challenge concept, by the way. I think I could be car-free if I did a Four Mile Challenge. I can't think of anything I'd need during the week that is further than four miles.


Tom said...

I just love this set of photos. They are to be treasured. Mine girls grew up.... and though I love the way they are now.... those earlier days were awesome. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Rick Logue said...

Thanks. This was probably the most exciting birthday yet. I did not think I would be able to keep the Trail-a-bike in the basement until her birthday.

As for the two mile challenge, it really has had a major impact on my life. While it is hard to be car free with three kids, I like to think of myself as car-lite.