Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good-bye Hummer

I just read this on MotorTrend's website:

In one of its smartest moves in recent years, General Motors is looking to dump Hummer, or "everything from a complete revamp of the product lineup to partial or complete sale of the brand," according to Rick Wagoner. The chairman and CEO also says the new Chevy compact will begin production in Lordstown, Ohio in mid-2010 (not 2009, as reported in my last post and at Automotive News), and that GM will close four big-truck plants. The era of the big truck/SUV clearly is over. And so, too, is the Hummer brand as an albatross, as perhaps the last vestige of Ron Zarrella-era GM malaise.

Read the complete article here.

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SiouxGeonz said...

I should buy one as an investment for when thye're collectors items. Why do we value power morew when it's destructive?

Rick Logue said...

Have you ever seen those old medical devices? We look a them now and think, "They really thought this was a good idea?" I think at some point, people will look at such a wasteful vehicle and think, "They really thought this was a good idea?"