Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Rig, Part Two

I have gotten to ride a little bit lately. January in Ohio is not the most bike-friendly weather. Just two nights ago, it was 40 degrees. Then, in typical Ohio fashion, the winds kicked up and the temperature dropped 30 degrees in six hours.

This is the bike I normally ride. It's an older Trek 1000. It is probably a year 2000, but I don't really know. This bike has been all over the place. It was my only bike until last summer when I rebuilt the Univega.

The reflective tape can be seen pretty clearly here. It's a combination of several different types. The triangles on the downtube and fork are Nathan's Reflective tape. The rack and rims have Duck Tape brand reflective tape. The bits on the downtube that are not triangles are actually the reflective tape you see on semi trailers. I did not use much of that because it is very stiff. It is hard to flex around awkward corners.

I am pretty freakish about being seen. Most of my rides are either after dark or during twilight hours. The lights and reflective tape can be the difference between life and death. If I am ever hit by a car, there will be no, "I did not see him," excuse.

CO2 saved to date: 60.39 pounds
Money saved to date: $9.61

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