Friday, January 18, 2008

Dude, there is something seriously wrong with you.

I have not had much of a chance to ride during the last week. It has been a little bit sad and a lot cold. Last Monday I had one of my best rides in a long time. It was the trip home from church. When I left, it was cold and starting to snow. When I was one my way home, it was colder and snowing even more.

I have come to enjoy riding in the cold. It is not nearly as bad as anyone would think. Instead it is almost enjoyable. It's not the attention whore "look at me" kind of enjoyable. Instead, it is "here I am, where no one dares to go" kind of enjoyable. Imagine going for a walk in some fresh snow. It is the exact same feeling, except more intense. I was riding, surrounded by 30 degree temperatures. I watched the snow fall onto me and my bike. My arms were covered in snow. I saw snow blowing across the road, then I rode through that snow.

It is fun.

Today was the simple trip to Kroger. It was about 20 degrees. I've been trying to find the lower limit of riding. I think this is it. It was cold. It was damn cold. Not too cold for the short trip, but too cold for anything much further. As I left Kroger, some guy told me, "Dude, there is something seriously wrong with you." Nothing too wrong. Just a perverse please from riding in the cold.

Gas savings to date: $7.63
CO2 saved to date 47.99

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