Friday, January 2, 2009

3 Feet Please

I found this today (click on the picture to visit the website) while looking around various cycling websites. I wish I was paying more attention so I could give credit to whoever called my attention to it. It seems like a pretty good idea. I don't really believe that most motorists want to do us harm. Maybe a little visual reminder will help.

Check out the media section of the website. I am surprised by how closely the cars pass him in the video. Personally, I think that video should be used to show why you should not ride on the shoulder, but I do not know the specifics of the route. He may have a good reason for doing so.

I'll probably get one once the weather gets a bit warmer here. There's really no point in me getting on now. It will be covered by a jacket for the next three months. Plus, I blew my cycling budget on a rain cape earlier this morning.

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ksteinhoff said...

I was riding the other day and saw one of those Share the Road signs with a picture of a bicycle on it.

My reaction was, I bet most motorists who see that sign (if it registers at all) think it's directed at cyclists and telling them to share the bleeping road by getting out of the way.

I'd like to see them replaced with signs that have a picture of a bike and something like Minimum 3-feet Passing.

Of course, those same motorists would interpret that to mean that any biker who didn't have three feet would be fair game.

Joe Mizereck said...

Rick, thank you for spreading the word about the "3 Feet Please" campaign. I'll keep a jersey waiting for you when Spring comes around.

This is a bold but polite message delivered at a critical point in our rides. If enough cyclists wear this jersey and deliver the message, we can make save some lives and the joy of riding.

Thanks for your help.

Joe Mizereck

Rick Logue said...

I like the idea of replacing the Share the Road signs.

I wish I could take credit for thinking this one up, but I cannot. Ohio does not have the three-foot law for passing bicyclists, but there is a six-foot law for strippers and strip club patrons. Hmmm....

I will be getting one of these in March.

Groover said...

Thanks for the post. That's a very cool jersey.

Tinker said...

The most helpful device I have encountered to encourage drivers to give bicyclists more room is a pair of flags, mounted on the bike, and extending 2 feet to the left. These are spring mounted, very common in Europe, I am told, and just by sticking out two feet, they seem to make drivers worry that you might mess up their 'extremely valuable' paint job.

Why a human being isn't worth more than their pain, I do not know.

If a car hits you, driving with flags extended, try to bleed on their car, okay? It seems to bother them.