Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mea Culpa

Sigh... Yesterday I got all crabby about the impending doom all the news people were forcasting. Then, I wake up this morning to pictures of the massive back-ups on 270 because of the slippery roads.

Should I just apologize for taking the dire warnings lightly, or should I complain that where there are constand warnings about the weather, people begin to take them lightly?

From the Columbus Dispatch

A light coating of snow combined with freezing temperatures to turn freeway bridges throughout Franklin County into sheets of ice last night, causing crashes everywhere.

There was a chain-reaction crash on a bridge in the eastbound lanes of I-270 north, about a quarter-mile west of I-71. About 20 vehicles were scattered over the highway in pinball fashion, as one after another hit ice and spun out, hitting other vehicles.

"It was ice and I just could not stop," said Pat Shirp, whose SUV rammed the back of a car driven by Aaron Hurney, who slowed when he saw the crash.

A second set of cars crashed less than a half-mile away, on the Outerbelt at I-71.

Southbound Rt. 315 had multiple crashes, including one south of Kinnear Road, one at Ackerman Road and another at the Riverside Methodist Hospital curve. And westbound I-670 near Downtown was covered with wrecked cars.

There were no serious injuries reported.

Mary Carran Webster, Columbus' assistant director of public service, said city salt crews went out about 10 p.m., though she said many of the overpasses on Rt. 315 had been treated with brine earlier in the afternoon. The Ohio Department of Transportation is responsible for salting most of the freeways in central Ohio.

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Jamie Fellrath said...

My only question in situations like this is how many of these people were changing stations on the radio, talking on cell phones, drinking coffee, etc. All things that can reduce your attention and make you not take the proper precautions when you're driving in tough conditions.

It's always more likely that people are just going to blame the weather than blame themselves for not driving attentively.

Don't change a thing.

Rick Logue said...

This morning I heard that the drivers were blaming ODOT for not salting the roads. ODOT was blaming the drivers for driving too fast.

Sounds like the same ol' same ol'.

Smudgemo said...

I'd just take the bus or train. It's so much safer. Oh, wait...