Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are you still riding?

The e-mail came a few days ago. It was simple. It only said, "Are you still riding?"

The answer is yes. I'm still on the bike whenever I get the chance. This past month has been nuts. There have been several things that have come up that took up most of my time.  First, there was a brief hospital stay.  After that, my son got very ill.  Finally, major issues at school were occupying almost all of my free time.  That's my past month in a nut shell.  

But I have been riding.  I'll tell you what, commuting in November is very different from commuting in the summer.  Ohio weather is predictably unpredictable.  Here are the temperatures for a recent ride...

My house when I leave at 6:45 am:  32 degrees F
School when I arrive at 7:30 am:  38 degrees F
School when I leave at 4:00 pm:  60 degrees F 

I pretty much need three different outfits for one day's commute.  This is the fun time of the year to be on a bike.

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