Friday, October 3, 2008

Political ads

Things like this generally run through blogs like wildfire. For once, I want in on the ground floor.

I guess if your solution is not, "Drill baby, drill," you are a kook.

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Zach's Bicycle Commuting said...

So the House Republican "no" votes on the Bailout has me respecting them, and then this ad is from a Republican committee. Arrrrgh we need three or four new parties! On the other hand, I've always been wacky, so I'll keep riding my wacky bicycle.

CycloneCross said...

I'm very tempted to make a contribution to Kathy Dahlkemper's campaign. This attack ad reminds me of John Boehner's comments about HR 807 which contained tax benefits for bicycle commuters.

"... what I really liked in the bill was the $240 tax credit that we are going to provide every 15 months for people who regularly ride their bike to work for the purchase repair or storage of their bicycle. ... This is not going to solve America's energy problem. I think we ought to get serious as a country about energy independence and saving our future and the future for our kids. But while we are here dealing with this bill that doesn't frankly do much and will not solve our problem, think about what we haven't done. ..."

The energy bill passed, but not after the Senate striped out any tax benefits for green initiatives. This was in late 2007, and just look where we found ourselves in summer '08... Disgraceful!

Rick Logue said...

I was out riding yesterday and began thinking abut things like this. I really don't get the Republican hate towards bicycle commuters. Other than not buying oil and the environmental part, commuting is a very Republican thing to do.

It fits right in with the idea of weening ourselves of foreign oil.

It fits right in with the idea of self-sufficiency.

It fits right in with the platform idea of "health promotion."

Dave said...

Bike commuting fits right in with a fiscal conservative point of view, not a Republican point of view. People are still operating on the assumption that these are the same.