Monday, September 1, 2008

More on lights

Earlier today, I had to refill a propane tank. So, of course, I took the Xtracycle. After grilling a nice meal of kabobs, I decided to take the kids to the park. So, of course, I hooked up the bike train. After riding around for a while, it was time to bring the kids in and get them ready for bed. After reading Knuffle Bunny, I had to head back outside to put away the bikes. I was looking at the bikes lined up on my driveway and had the brilliant thought... Let's take a picture of all of the lights.

So here are the bikes...On the far left is the Trek with the trail-a-bike attached. The Trek has a Superflash on the seatpost and rear rack. The trail-a-bike has a Superflash on the chainstay.

In the middle is the bike trailer. I have the generic Performance Bike Flashpoints on that. Inbetween the Flashpoints is my helmet. I have Blackburn's Mars 3.0 attached to the back.

Finally is the Xtracycle. There are two Superflashes on the back of that.

Here is the picture....
(You know, I took drafting in high school. The only thing I remember from that class is that lines pointing at things should not cross. I'm glad I am not an architect right now.)

So I have the lights... Let's kick on the flash and see what we get. The piles of reflective tape really show up under the flash. Take a look...

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Random Thoughts said...

It appears you may be safer riding at night than during the day. Very nice set up!

ksteinhoff said...

I live down in S. Florida and I'm not a fan of riding in heat and humidity, so I switch to night riding long about May.

Take a look at my lights.

I find that I get a lot more room from cars at night. It might be the "Hey, Maude" factor while they try to figure out what's in front of them, but I don't care what the reason is if they slow down to pass me.

The Bikini Babes aren't out at night, so there's less distraction for motorists along the beach then, too.

There are certain roads I avoid at certain times because of drunk drivers, but it's gotten so the cell phone-gabbing soccer moms are about as dangerous as drunks.

Riding through neighborhoods at night gives you a chance to speak to dog walkers and families with kids in strollers; you can smell what's cooking, even in closed-up houses; everyone is more relaxed and more likely to wave (while showing ALL their fingers).

I don't know why so many people are afraid to venture out after dark.

I've never been hassled by cops even in some of the high-bucks areas like Palm Beach and Jupiter Island (allegedly the highest per capital income Zip Code in the country)when riding through them at midnight.